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    Members get unlimited access to everything The Atlanta Opera has to offer for one-year. This includes the much-anticipated films based on the opera's fall productions of Pagliacci and The Kaiser of Atlantis. Members can also view performances from The Big Tent Concert Series (Kurt Weill Songs and...

  • The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs STREAM REPLAY

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    Now is your chance to watch the replay for our livestream event for The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs by composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell! Watch the triumph and tragedy of the man behind the mac from any device, any place, any time.

  • My Darling Jim

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    A brand new short film from The Atlanta Opera! Based on Tom Cipullo's masterful Glory Denied, about the longest-held POW in US history, My Darling Jim explores the weight we carry long after trauma. With stunning performances from Michael Mayes, David Blalock and Maria Valdes, this film is free t...

  • Julius Caesar

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    Pre-order the dynamic film of The Atlanta Opera's fall 2021 production of Handel's Julius Caesar and save $10.

  • The Threepenny Opera

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    In the "Big Tent" adaptation of The Threepenny Opera, an army of puppets are led by their live doppelgängers. Classic tunes including “Mack the Knife,” “Pirate Jenny” and ballads for broken relationships, struggle, love, life and death are the heart of the production. Filmed by Felipe Barral and ...

  • The Threepenny Carmen

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    Based on Bizet's masterpiece and adapted for the threepenny world of the pandemic, The Atlanta Opera's World Premiere "Big Tent" production features a motley crew of characters at the fringes of society - coming together for musical and dramatic fireworks in a Texas dive bar. This filmed producti...

  • Crossroads: A Variety Show - Big Tent Concert

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    It’s a Company and Studio Players jamboree! If you loved Opera to Opry (2016, 2017) featuring the one and only Michael Mayes, you’d adore this latest creative showcase. Our Players are multitalented singers and instrumentalists, and they will perform bluegrass, gospel, blues and other American st...

  • Orfano Mondo

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    Enjoy filmmaker Ryan McKinny's surrealist series of short films, giving an inside look into the struggle of making art during the pandemic and featuring iconic moments from Pagliacci and The Kaiser of Atlantis.

  • Pagliacci
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    2 videos  |   Rent $20

    The circus performers in Pagliacci grapple with tragedy and question boldly whether they must perform despite heartbreak and ruin.

    In The Atlanta Opera’s completely fall 2020 production of Leoncavallo’s verismo classic, audiences enter a dystopian world where artists question their ability to pe...

  • Mezzo Extravaganza - Big Tent Concert

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    Rent the Mezzo Extravaganza, a fall 2020 concert at The Atlanta Opera Big Tent, for 48 hours.

  • The Kaiser of Atlantis

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    Rent The Kaiser of Atlantis, a new 2020 production from The Atlanta Opera, for 48 hours.