Madama Butterfly

Madama Butterfly

Cultures collide when an American naval officer stationed in Nagasaki decides to take a Japanese wife. Cio-Cio-San—fifteen years old and in love—dreams of her new life with the handsome young officer. Renouncing her culture and her family to become a proper American wife, she settles into his home overlooking Nagasaki Harbor and waits for his ship to return. Featuring Yasko Sato as Cio-Cio San and Gianluca Terranova as Pinkerton singing one of the most exquisitely beautiful works in the repertoire. Nina Yoshida Nelsen, Julius Ahn, and Allen Michael Jones also join the cast and The Atlanta Opera Orchestra, led by Timothy Myers. Tomer Zvulun directs. This production includes depictions of suicide and child brides (Cio-Cio San is 15 years old).

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Madama Butterfly
  • SIDEBAR Madama Butterfly: Overview

    Madama Butterfly is a collision of cultures, a tale of innocence lost that draws you in with majestic music and breathtaking scenery. In this latest SIDEBAR from The Atlanta Opera Film Studio, Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. General & Artistic Director Tomer Zvulun talks about the renewed approach to this ...

  • SIDEBAR Madama Butterfly: A Musical Exploration

    The musical stylings of Giacomo Puccini are responsible for some of the most iconic arias in the opera repertoire, and one needs to look no further than Madama Butterfly to experience the quintessential beauty of this Italian composer's work.

    Conductor Timothy Myers speaks on the human condition...

  • SIDEBAR Madama Butterfly: Abigail & Angelica Hale

    In 2014, The Atlanta Opera cast Angelica Hale as Sorrow in their production of Madama Butterfly. Since then, Angelica has become internationally recognized as a singing superstar, featured on America's Got Talent. In 2022, The Atlanta Opera is thrilled to introduce Angelica's little sister, Abiga...

  • SIDEBAR Madama Butterfly: Representing the Culture

    While created by an Italian composer and librettist, Madama Butterfly is an opera whose compelling plot and music is intrinsically tied to the rich history and culture of Japan. As we re-examine how we present these works, authenticity in portrayal provides a new lens with which audiences can con...

  • SIDEBAR Madama Butterfly: Reinterpreting Butterfly

    The heartbreaking tale of Cio-Cio San from Giacomo Puccini's masterpiece Madama Butterfly is one that has captured the hearts of operagoers for generations. And soprano Yasko Sato brings her considerable experience performing this role to The Atlanta Opera's upcoming production.

    In this SIDEBAR ...

  • Madama Butterfly - Backstage with Cast & Crew

    See the stellar cast and crew who make The Atlanta Opera's production of Madama Butterfly possible!

  • Madama Butterfly | TEASER TRAILER

    It is an iconic tale of innocence lost. It is a timeless production of breathtaking beauty. It is Puccini's Madama Butterfly. Get a glimpse of what is to come next month as The Atlanta Opera's Mainstage series prepares to take flight!

    Madama Butterfly comes to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Ce...