Bluebeard's Castle

Bluebeard's Castle

Bartok’s riveting chamber opera is given new life in this production from England’s Theatre of Sound. In a departure from the original folktale, a husband and wife deal with the implications of dementia. Instead of doors masking Bluebeard’s true soul, the audience encounters Judith’s fraught relationship with her memories and its effect on her husband.

Sung in English in a newly-commissioned translation, the production features a stellar cast including internationally renowned singers Susan Bullock and Michael Mayes in the principal roles of Duke Bluebeard and Judith. Players from the Atlanta Opera Orchestra will be featured in a new chamber orchestration.

This special co-production from England’s Theatre of Sound and Opera Ventures features a second act talkback with the cast and creatives of this powerful adaptation. Performed in English.

Bluebeard's Castle
  • SIDEBAR Bluebeard's Castle: Duke & Judith

    Bluebeard's Castle presents the story of Duke and Judith, a couple intertwined by love and a full life together. But as the memories of their life being to fade as Judith's dementia takes hold, these characters find themselves walking a complex journey to remember and cherish the life they've liv...

  • SIDEBAR Bluebeard's Castle: Reimagining Bluebeard's Castle

    An opera taken from the depths of Gothic horror and reimagined as an important journey of life with dementia. How does it happen?

    Director Daisy Evans from England's Theatre of Sound sits down to discuss the origins of this innovative production and how the artform is a powerful tool to explore ...

  • SIDEBAR Bluebeard's Castle: A Musical Rediscovery

    A new perspective is a valuable thing, and the gaining a new perspective through music can reveal hidden beauty and create a fresh lens to view a classic work.

    Music director Stephen Higgins sits down at the camera to talk about the incredible task of reducing a massive score of the original Blu...

  • Bluebeard's Castle - Backstage with Cast & Crew

    Meet the incredible cast and crew who were a part this magical run of a reimagined Bluebeard's Castle!

  • Bluebeard's Castle | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    Experience a powerful reimagining of Bartok's haunting chamber opera as The Atlanta Opera opens its 2022-23 season with Bluebeard's Castle at Kennesaw State University's Bailey Performance Center! A loving couple travels the complex and challenging journey of living with dementia as we depart the...

  • Bluebeard's Castle | CINEMATIC TRAILER

    Join us for a genuine story of love and loss. To remember what was lost. And to reimagine what it means to come to the opera.

    A reimagined Bluebeard's Castle comes to Kennesaw State University's Bailey Performance Center TONIGHT through Sunday! Enjoy this premiere trailer as we prepare for the c...