Opera Loves Company

  • The Atlanta Opera Loves Dancers

    Why is opera one of the most collaborative of art forms? Enjoy interviews with Gwynn Root, Bailey Jo Harbaugh and Brandon Nguyen-Hilton with stunning images of dancers from The Atlanta Opera's productions of Salome (2020), Pagliacci, Kaiser of Atlantis, The Threepenny Opera and Carmen, including ...

  • The Atlanta Opera Loves the Theater Community

    Opera has the largest canvas of all the artforms, combining multiple disciplines across visual and performing arts. The Atlanta Opera values their partnership with the theater community as an integral addition to producing compelling stories.

  • The Atlanta Opera Loves Puppets

    Opera is theater, dance, music and everything in between. We love working with our friends at the Center for Puppetry Arts and hope you enjoy seeing some highlights from our work with them.

  • The Atlanta Opera Loves Circus Performers

    How do jugglers, stilt walkers and clowns add dimension to an opera production? Learn how The Atlanta Opera partnered with a group of Circus Performers in their recent Big Tent productions.