Come As You Are Festival

  • Come As You Are Festival | INTRO TRAILER

    You have a unique story‚Äďa unique point of view.

    This year, put on a ball gown or jeans, show us your favorite tattoo.

    And, everyone is welcome.

    Come As You Are.

    The Atlanta Opera brings its 2021-22 season to a close at the Historic Rail Park at Pullman Yards (225 Rogers St NE, Atlanta, GA 30...

  • Come As You Are Festival | TEASER TRAILER

    In one week, The Atlanta Opera opens its first of two powerful productions at the historic Pullman Yards!

    Cabaret (June 2-19), the classic musical by Kander & Ebb, transports us to the seedy Kit Kat Klub as a cast of colorful characters come to grips with the insidious rise of the Nazi party in...

  • SIDEBAR Cabaret: Overview

    Kander & Ebb's musical Cabaret is an unapologetic, visceral drama of when the lives of individuals clash with the rise of a powerful evil. Written just 20 years after the events of World War II, this story once again finds itself resonating in the world today. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. General & Arti...